Operation and Maintenance Oil, Gas, LNG, Power Plants

SMART Operating has been established by local team that includes engineers, technicians and operators looking to innovate the industry services.

Why SMART Operating ?

  • A Network of partners that insure the high performance of our activities.
  • Get Exactely what you need
Our competencies and skills are the main tool to provide that right service with the best quality and at low cost.
  • SMART Operating : More than a service company

We are your advisor, your main rail to assist you in selecting material, tools, spare parts and smart solutions.

Fields of intervention

SMART Operating provide smart solutions to the following fields.

Manufacturing and maintenance of electrical panels

Manufacturing control panels and power distribution

Conditional maintenance: thermograph, vibration analysis

Oil & Gas and industrial maintenance

Maintenance and overhaul of Gas & Diesel Generators

Metal frameworks and constructions

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