Operation and Maintenance Oil, Gas, LNG, Power Plants

Competitive Advantages - Our DNA

  • A deep knowledge of Oil and Gas fields and ability to identify potential needs.
  • A confirmed technical expertise and know-how through an experienced team of engineers.
  • An ability to deliver a customized service by putting in place all possible technical resources and skilled workforce.

Mission statement - Our core purpose

  • Smart-Operating is dedicated to offering a wide range of general and customized technical services for Oil and Gas operating companies covering but not limited to : maintenance and inspections, humanforce hiring, consulting and advisory services.
  • Providing a customized expertise and advice to help our customers operate in a good cost-effective manner.
  • Providing skilled labourforce through careful selection of contractors to fulfill customer requirements.
  • Put our expertise and experience for the aim of improving our customer’s operating standards and increaing their level of excellence.
  • Comply with applicable standards and regulations in all the environments we operate in.

Vision statement - Our future

  • Our vision is to become the provider of first choice for all Oil and Gas operators in north african region by being a leader in field/operating and the most competitive in terms of cost, and quality of service.

Vision description

Our vision will be focused on the following axes :

  • Being a partner of choice of all our suppliers, understanding their needs and quickly reacting to their queries.
  • Giving the best of our resources to deliver a high quality service, with respect to the highest Health, Safety and Environment standards.
  • Being the most competitive in terms of costs and deadlines of achievement.
  • Broadening our domain of intervention according to market needs.
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