Operation and Maintenance Oil, Gas, LNG, Power Plants

Design and Manufacture of electric panels & cabinets

Design and Manufacture of electric panels & cabinets as per client’s requirements.

Qualified Manpower in several industrial disciplines

Provide specialized technicians in Electric, instrumentation, Control, Network, Mechanic, Safety, Inspection, Quality, Marine, Underwater, Diving, Lifting, Welding, Handling, Air conditioning, Sandblasting, Painting & Coating, Production operating, Onshore base management…

Project and engineering

Provide required engineering studies and realize any project requested by industrial company.


Our qualified technicians can assist any maintenance job (preventive and curative) during any step (from first diagnose to final troubleshoot).


We have the wide experience in base management, materials transportation, storage & handling and provide all logistic services for offshore companies.


Make all required HSEQ studies, surveys, audits… 


We can assist any material procurement need. We can also arrange any required equipment’s hire.

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